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ClickComp Window Blocker




montare pics 1Mount the pads on the clips

flecheSnap the pads with the holes in nipples on end of the clips, the round part of the pad should point to the inside of the clip.
Refer to the table below to choose the proper size pad, or just try out: RIGHT the clip remains on your window frame without support.

TIP: if your pads on one clip vary in size: mount the clip with the bigger size pad facing towards the inside.




montare pics 2Place the clips on window and frame

flechePlace the first clip on the stationary window or on the window frame, place the second clip onto the open window
at the same height as the first clip.

TIP: choose a position of the clips above or under the handle of your window.




montare pics 3Mount the extension bar and choose the desired opening of the window

flecheBend the bar in "S" shape before using it for the first time. Snap the extension bar with the end with one hole over the clip on the stationary window or frame, than snap the extension bar with the end with four holes over the clip on the open window frame.

TIP: for your first use choose the maximum opening possible. Mount the window-blocker on lower part under the window frame: the closer yount mount it towards the hinge of the frame, the wider the opening will become.





mount   mount2




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The window-blocker is designed to hold open windows/doors and protect against smashing windows in case of draft. The window-blocker adapts to most windows and doors, however it is advisable to check it's compatibility with your window or door. Click the image below to check.


In the case of strong winds it is advisable to use two window-blocker on the same frame. The window-blocker is NOT a safety lock to prevent children from opening the window or door.

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