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    Regulate the opening of your window from 2cm to + 90°.

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    Stop clashing windows also in case of draft or wind.

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    One fits all - for all window types mounted in 20 seconds.

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    The video shows you how to use our product!

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The Click Comp ® Window Blocker

 was developped out of the need to keep doors and windows slightly open even in case of wind and air currents.

Available in four colors, it has been designed and built to easily adapt to any type of door or window, without having to drill and screw or glue and allows you to ventilate your home by blocking the windows in the desired position, thus preventing them to slam close due to the wind.

The Click Comp ® Window Blocker is patented and made in Italy with high quality plastic material, it is compatible with all types of fixtures in wood, aluminum or PVC and has been put on the international market only after an intense testing phase.

(CE / ROHS / UV resistent / Patented)

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